Learn Professional Photography with Guaranteed Internship Opportunities in Ahmedabad!

Experience Fully Equipped Studio | Explore a Rich Library and Interactive Classroom | Learn from Expert Faculty in Specialized Fields | Engage in Indoor & Outdoor Shoots for Live Projects

    3 Batches

    21 Days

    5 Theory Sessions

    4 Practical Sessions

    Equipment & Facility Provision

    Life at Madscop

    Meet the Mentors

    The Mad House

    The only impactful photography course
    in Ahmedabad
    that is turning heads!

    Summer Batch Highlights

    Mobile Photography techniques

    Reel Shooting and Editing mastery

    Essential Photography Basics

    Hands-on experience with Live Studio Shoots

    Proficiency in Lighting Setup and Usage

    Advanced Camera Angle techniques

    The MAD School of Photography

    We are MAD School of Photography, where creativity meets expertise.

    As the leading photography school in Ahmedabad, we’re dedicated to nurturing your passion for visual storytelling.

    Led by acclaimed mentors Ketan Modi and Mittal Shah,
    our professional photography courses offer unparalleled opportunities for growth and development.

    Explore the art of photography and unlock your creative potential.

    Where Vision Transcends